We’re looking for a memory.

A memory that looks like little feet running faster than they can. One that sounds like coins clanging in a piggy bank, tastes like tamarind stolen from the neighbour’s garden, feels like getting drenched in the rain, and smells like ma’s kitchen.

A memory etched on to your being with indelible ink. A memory that made an impact on you in a way that is difficult to describe. A memory  you cherish. A memory you regret.

We’re looking for your story. Your memory.

The Monochrome Collective hopes to preserve memories from many childhoods – memories that shaped us into the individuals we are today.



So you can remember what it felt like, and what it taught you. So you can revisit it, re-learn, or un-learn. So someone else can feel what you felt, and just maybe, reshape their own perspective. The reach of a true story is limitless.



1. Write about your most important childhood memory, and how it influenced you.

2. Stick to the word limit of 1500 words.

3. Sign up here.

4. Send your memory to mystoryishere@gmail.comThe sooner, the better. Remember – The procrastination monkey is no one’s friend.

You’re free to change names of characters and play with settings. What you must NOT alter is the essence of your memory. This is as much for you, as it is for the reader. We will help you edit your work, if need be.

Just write!


What happens next?

We publish it as a collection of short stories. In a blog, an e-book, or a book. Rest assured, your experiences will be valued immensely.

Thank you!



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